Our Services


Keep your WordPress Website running smoothly with regular updates of crucial areas: WordPress version, themes, plugins and most importantly, security.


Not only is maintenance important but you need to always plan for the unexpected by being prepared with a full backup of your website files, so you can be easily back up and running.


As you probably already know, there are regular attacks on websites trying to hack in, and steal information or use your website to send out spam or attach malware which can put your online business on the Google Blacklist.


Web Development

We have a very unique way to develop your website. Rather than send screen shots and emailing back and forth we have a way to speed up the process, by offering our live website development link through our own website development page.

Getting Started

So you will give us your idea, send us to websites you like, agree on the project then watch in real time as your website is built! This offers complete transparency and takes the edge off traditional web builds.

Pricing Guide